Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Andrew - Period 2

Okay, I am not coming in last for a second time on my own damn blog... Unfortunately, my bulleted lists aren't nearly so pretty as everyone else's... Seems I've got more internal house-cleaning to do before I can embark on Big Projects (tm). That said, I'm trying to take a different approach with stress from work: do only what I can, be more selective about the projects I choose to involve myself with, and play Mr. Teflon to the high-pitched nonsense coming out of my superiors. (Wait - isn't this supposed to be a bulleted list?) Fine, here are the rest:

  • Continue with the Importing class - start thinking about implementation steps, as there are only 2 more class periods left...
  • Gym/Running - 3 times/week for each, though I'm not going to feel bad if a weekend run turns into a day of downhill skiing...
  • Start the day early - This is going okay, though it could use a bit of improvement. If I want to get off work early, I've gotta arrive early and not dawdle at home.
  • Schedule time for reflection - This is the one I didn't get to, insofar as I didn't schedule any specific time free of distractions. I'm thinking a self-imposed lunch break at work might do the trick...

Given the pace of some of the other projects being floated around here, I might have to start adding some side projects with some of you... All told, the future is bright!

Stephen -- Period 2

So all of us had lets say less than exciting goals for the next two weeks, seeing as they basically boil down to "get shit done".

As frustrating as the last couple weeks were, these next two are shaping up to be awesome, as I feel my productivity hitting a marked upswing and being invigated by a dash to the finish in terms of coding work.

More specifically, goals for the next 2 weeks for me are:


1) Continue the 4hrs/day all week on a BIG-3 ISSUE time commitment. This is most easily measured simply by doing this work at Zoka, and making sure I'm there for 4 hrs+ a day. They must love me there.

2) Continue waking up early(ish). This is a work in progress still sadly.


3) Dealing with customer email backlog in the morning, after waking and food but before my brain is fully ready to code. This works well because in the evening I'm sick of working.

I also brought up at the last meeting that, once this stage of the project is done (BIG-3 completed), its time to shift to the more interesting work -- that of ramping up everything for the product launch. That involves website, documentation, marketing, advertising, advocacy, etc. I'm seeking and taking help in any and all areas of the above. I want to make as big a splash as possible -- I haven't spent two years of my life for a lukewarm project launch.

Cheers to the rest of you! Let's kick some ass this period...

Update on my progress...

Hello boys, I thought it was high time I write you again. Here's what's going on.

1. I finally have good internet access. Actually, better than yours - I can get online in the taxi, at restaurants etc because of my little dongle. It's a little wireless device that allows me to be online no matter where I am. Boo-yeah.

2. I got a headset - so we can actually talk to each other. Please get skype, because I miss all your melodic voices (natch).

3. I'm going up to Bangkok this weekend, on a visa-run (when you have to leave the country, so you're forced to take a little R&R). I'll be buying samples of jewelry etc to photograph and sell for

4. I have another project I want your help with. I'll outline it in another posting to you boys. It's called - I want it to be Indonesia's leading place to look for local hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc... Because there isn't a good place yet, the market is BLEEDING for it!

5. I finally feel like I'm starting to belong. I have a good set of friends in different spheres, and I'm constantly meeting new ones everyday. =) But that doesn't mean I don't miss you boys like crazy.

Alright - back to work. I have to get the office boy to make me some tea. I have a special pot and everything. =)

Much love,

Monday, February 18, 2008

Latecomer - Session 1

Wonderful, I'm last... Even Riani posted before me! I'm in a somewhat strange place for this group, given certain issues outside my control (boss out of the country until March, etc.), so my goals for the moment are pretty simple. I'm taking my Import class at the UW, and that will provide a way forward, though for the moment the goal is... to attend! The rest are just an effort to get my life in order:

  • Gym - 3x a week
  • Run - 3x a week (for Patty's Day Dash)
  • Be at work before 9am every day
  • Schedule time for reflection - no distractions!
So far? So good! Am I forgetting any?

Period 1 -- Stephen

So, one week late in posting my TAP-1 results (now it sounds properly tech-ish, with a sweet sweet acronym).

Micah, I'm not sure if I agree that we should post our lists as comments -- for one thing, comments are not editable that I can figure out, and so we can't do strike-throughs or any other updates. I suggest we simply each post our session results every two weeks and title/label appropriately.


The issues I'm facing in the short term we all know from the last meeting. Here's the list of actionable things that I set forth to make happen:

1) Work on the Hard Stuff -- effort-based goal of 4 hours per day working on one of my remaining Big Three problems. I can work >4 hrs per day on WM obviously, and those extra hours can be on other issues/funner stuff. But 4hrs a workday must go into fixing the 3 issues that haven't been done for years..

How to hold accountable: Daily planner, record time spent working on a big-3 issue.

2) When to Call it Done -- When the big-three are done. Not a time-based goal, which I suck at holding too because they don't fit the situation.

How to hold accountable: Don't let feature-creep happen!

3) Die Perfectionism Die.

How to hold accountable: Well, you guys can beat the shit out of me whenever I start talking about making things awesome with just one more thing...

4) Email Management -- Check once a day, reply for support emails. Add an auto-responder to all other emails to give myself breathing room to reply within a 1wk timeframe.

How to hold accountable: Close email during the day.

5) Get up at 9am each day.

How to hold accountable: 3 alarms, nature helping out (sunlight through the windows)

6) Make some &*#$ business cards (late addition...)

How to hold accountable: Spent time after my big-3 chunk to research best cheap cards option.

So, since I'm posting this a week late, how am I doing at these?

Bottom line, I'm sucking at them. You all can rip me apart at the next meeting, there are extenuating circumstances but that's no excuse. This upcoming week has to make up for the missed time last week that i couldn't control. I've ordered the replacement laptop power supply, won't be here till the end of the week but I can grit it out and work from home for the week as best I can.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Accountability - Session 1

As per our agreements we all are supposed to post the things we are working on until our next meeting. So far only nick has posted his. I suggest that we post our own goals/projects in replys to a common post from here on out so we can easily go back to a specific session. So below I'll post my projects/goals (a week late)

To Riani: Thanks for the updates and the postings. Eventually we want to get set up with webcams so we can hold our biweekly meetings wherever we are (whether vacationing in Holland or working in Indonesia) I don't know how much you've been filled in about our first meeting, but it went well. I'd encourage you to post any/all projects/goals your working on in the short-term - partly for us to review your progress, but mostly for ourselves. Let us know of the biggest challenges or struggles you are facing and we can spend some time in our in-person meetings discussing possible suggestions (at least until we get video conferencing up and running)

From the Big Durian

Hello fellow bums with a business card,
two weeks into my Asian adventure and I thought it's high time I posted... I've been off the radar for awhile, but I still read all your posts and wish I were there for game nights and afternoons full of coffee and colorful banter. But since I'm here, I might as well give you an update.

1. I have a permanent place to stay now, close to one of the offices I work in. It's in a Rumah Kost (boarding house) but its pretty awesome. I have a bathroom with huge closets, a shower and a bathtub. That's really all a woman could ask for. I'll post photos later so you guys know I'm not living in a cardboard box on the side of the street.

Funny story: The first night I came "home" I freaked out though, because my stuff had been moved around. I thought someone had broke into my room, but then I realized it was just the maid - who came to clean my room and pick up my laundry. How cool is that?!

2. I'm building my networks. Through Phil (my mentor/boss/business partner) I'm meeting a lot of people that will help me build a strong future here in Indonesia. I also have been forcing myself to go out every night to meet people - it's paid off. Every time I'm out, I set a goal to speak with 5 new people. So far it's yielded great results. I'm hanging out with Embassy staff, journalists, PhD candidates and CEO's and directors of companies. It's also allowed me to "have a life"... as I'm going to the Jazz festival next month, which should be amazing!

3. I'm getting ready for the first phase of my company launch. I still don't have a working website, but I'll be going on a buying trip to Bangkok at the end of the month. (I have to leave the country anyway on a Visa run). I want to get a good idea of what we're going to sell and start getting photography together.

Which is another reason I wanted to post. The more I work on this, the more I realize that I need your help... Working on projects is more satisfying and fun when you're working with a great group of innovative, creative people. (Yes Andy, I'm even talking about you).

So if you guys want to get involved, please let me know... But I'm surviving here, and hopefully going to thrive pretty soon. =) But it can get lonely, and having a great army of talent makes it easier to bear the hard days. Jakarta can be very isolating.

Messages to all of you

Stephen: Send me the website. I'll help you position it maximum exposure and marketing. You need to get it launched so you can get your ass out of the country for awhile.

Andrew: Go through in your mind what you think I'm going to need help with. I know you're feeling a little uneasy with work right now; perhaps helping me will make you feel empowered. (I could use all the help I can get).

Micah: Thank you for putting things in context for me, our random conversations have made a big difference in the way that I conduct myself here. Don't think you haven't been a great inspiration. This forum allows us to keep pulling each other up, and I hope it continues. =)

Nick: Hope you're glad to be home. (At least for awhile). I'll start putting things together for you to look at (for the website). Hopefully you're still interested in working on that.

Alright boys, I have a meeting to go to. I'll be thinking of you and this incredible opportunity we have... here's to empire building!

- Riani

Monday, February 11, 2008

Where's my banana?

So, the first meeting went well. I think sharing our longer term goals and exposing our immediate and pressing issues is an excellent way to orient ourselves in relation to the progress we want to achieve.

There were a few comments as to my 'having my shit together', which I can virtually guarantee as being the first in history. While I definitely feel that my spoor is on track and less spurious than usual, I'd say I have a ways to go before until I've got my feces well framed.

That said, one of the things that I've been doing over the past year is creating to-do lists and actually doing them. Basically, all of my lists consist of issues that are on my mind. However, I don't leave them at that: in order to be effective, a good list should offer a path towards crossing those items or issues off. As such, I break each issue down into the smallest possible 'actionable' step, and cross each step off as I move through the list. This accomplishes several things: First, it offers a fairly accurate picture of what needs to be done to free my mind (letting the rest follow). Second, it helps me visualize how well I'm actually spending my time. Third, it gives me a sense of progress which tends to bump up my enthusiasm for getting more stuff done. Fourth, and perhaps most important, it allows me to establish and mark 'cascade points' - that is, points in actions that push the realization of a goal forward. More clearly, this means that I can see points at which I can comfortably rest, knowing that there isn't much to be done and that it is a virtual guarantee. More often, however, this means that I basically end up saying 'Oh! That'll just take a minute...' and end up crossing more crap off my list. Which then spurs me to do just a lil bit more... which then... you get the point.

Finally, this process allows me to get to Step Three, but only after the most pressing item and least pressing item have been removed from the deck in Step two, and I can now add a third power line to a city in Phase 2, but only if there were two or fewer lines placed in the previous player's second Phase or the previous Phase of Step 2 in any other player's turn that did not violate the rule outlined above that is allowed in Step 3.

In the spirit of holding myself accountable to, well... myself, I offer my to do list for 02/23/2007:

  • Design Priming Booth
    • List of materials
    • Cost of Materials
    • Locate Materials
  • Build Priming Booth
    • Buy Materials
      • Wood
      • PVC
      • Plastic Tarps
      • Velcro
      • Lynch Pins
      • Box Fans
      • Lights
    • Assemble Booth @ Micah's
  • Book Painting Booth
    • Call 425 226 0930
    • Drive down to drop off payment ($300, $100 refundable deposit)
    • Booked For 7-10 March. Located at 333 Sunset Blvd N. Exit 4 off of 405 South.
  • Mail Dr. Arnuk re: Medical records.
    • Get address for Regence and Highline
    • Send to Regence
    • Send to Highline Hospital Claims review
    • Send to Me
  • Contact Lakeview for substitute positions
  • Open Curriculum texts and begin reviewing
    • Note down resources needed
    • Locate resources
  • Contact 3 people who expressed interest in Mustang
    • Find their contact info
  • Schedule Dr's Appt
    • Tests
    • Inquire for advice on Billing issues
  • Present for Pan Yone
  • Install One Note
    • Three Tutorial Sections
  • Read Getting Things Done
    • One Chapter
    • Two Chapter
    • Three Chapter
  • Apply for Unemployment
  • Purchase Coolant neck for Mustang
  • Re-seal valve covers
  • Complete Bodywork on Mustang
    • Strip exterior paint
    • Strip Interior paint on dash
    • Cut out old metal and rust on
      • DS Door
      • PS Door
    • Re-shape Hood
      • Heat, shrink metal
      • Body-fill as necessary
    • Re-shape DS quarter Panel
      • Heat, Shrink
      • Body Fill as necessary
    • Re-shape Tail Light Panel
      • Heat, tap, pound with dollies and hammers
      • Body fill as necessary
    • Wipe car clean of dust and grime
    • Spray car in Booth with filler primer
    • Spray parts in Booth with filler primer
    • Block/Wetsand filler primer and Body Filler
    • Wipe Clean
    • Spray Epoxy Primer
    • Block/Wetsand E Primer
    • Wipe Clean
    • Spray Poly Primer
  • Reassemble car to driveable state.
  • Email Jeff Hammet re:
    • TOK Conference times
    • Ticket date (May 1?)
    • Apartment available date
    • other qs?