Monday, May 19, 2008

Doldrums of Zeno's Paradox

We STILL haven't had a meeting lately. I'm feeling the lack most keenly as they are great mileposts for me to set progress by.

In any event, my personal TAP report is here:

As of today, 5/19, code is about 98% complete. There are still some fair bits of polish that I really need to attend to, mostly in Layout View. But the real work is pretty much completed.

I've changed my attention to documentation efforts for the moment, still putting in a side order of bugfixing and polish as well. There are 2 weeks left before June -- I want to be effectively done with all work by June 1st and be able to announce a release date for the sometime soon after that.

Can I finish all this crap up in 2 weeks? We'll find out!