Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Finish Line

I'm glad you posted something Riani, so that the last _3_ posts wouldn't all be mine. :)

I agree. We really haven't been holding each other accountable enough. We talked about this at the last meeting that we finally had again, but now with Nick overseas too this blog takes on additional importance as a way to keep everyone up to date with whats going on. Well anyways, next meeting will happen June 29th or 30th I believe we decided.

Everyone knows where I'm at -- Release is on July 4th, and I'm scrambling like mad to make it all fit together. But things are looking very up -- next meeting we'll talk more about the marketing side of things, but I had a really good talk with Danie about the ways I've been failing to market the product so far, and ways to dramatically scale up the impact of the release.

Off to Yellowstone for a week tommorow for a working vacation, then back home and the next meeting!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's June already.

Wow. Six months has flown by and I have nothing to show for it. Crazy huh? I think all of us are lagging behind and we're not being good about being accountable to each other... How can we fix this?

Here's what I've done and my plan for the next thirty days. Let's all get on each other's asses and make sure we stick to our game plan, ok?

  1. I decided to start with my line of stationary, called "dear uncle stu" because it's simple, easy to ship and something really personalized. I will be posting my first-draft collections to this blog by the end of the week. Please scream, kick and yell at me to make sure I get this done.
  2. I've booked a meeting with a supplier of stationary for Friday morning at 9am sharp, so that I can start planning the finances on how to get the project off the ground. I'll be calling and meeting with one more, just to make sure I'm not getting screwed with the price.
  3. I'm sourcing a web developer for my store, since I'm looking for someone to create the "skin" on an already existing system. There are two likely candidates at the moment, I'm reviewing both their resumes.
  4. I'm making it a point that my next trip out of the country will be to Thailand, where I'm going to buy the first lot of sample jewelry that I want to sell on the website. I'm going over this with my boss.
So those are four things that I have lined up, I'll post again in a few days. How are things going with you guys?